Fire Without Smoke – The Perfect Fire Pit


Outdoor adventures are hard to pass up. Exciting memories come to mind when you hear the words hiking, trekking, beach, or barbecue. What can these all have in common? Fires! Nobody can pass up sitting around a nice, warm fire. But what annoys us most of the time is the smoke that escapes from any campfire. It’s quickly absorbed by our clothes, our hair, and our respiratory system. What if we could have fire without smoke?

BioLite Fire Pit – Fire Without Smoke

There’s finally a solution to the smoke issue we’re talking about thanks to the BioLite FirePit. It looks like any ordinary fire pit in your backyard, but it’s unique in the way that it burns coals and woods. It’s smokeless. All you see is fire, and all you feel is heat.

Fire Without Smoke

How does the BioLite FirePit work and produce a fire without smoke? What makes it unique? To understand it better, let’s talk about why there’s smoke escaping from your fire pit. Smoke is actually fuel that has not been burned and the fire did not consume. The BioLite FirePit resolves this issue by placing 51 air-jets across the body of the fire pit.  These air-jets inject the fire with oxygen at key locations with the help of a built-in fan.

Fire Without Smoke

The design is ideal because it creates better combustion, maximizing the fuel. You’ll be able to consume less wood and produce a good campfire without smoke. You can manually adjust the fan’s intensity with the push of a button on the power pack, or via the BioLite FirePit app.

Fire Without Smoke

It comes with a waterproof case that has solar panels on it. The carrying case recharges the power pack when you leave it out in the sun. Generally, it takes four to five days to fully charge the power pack, but you can still recharge it with an outlet or car charger. Afterwards, your BioLite FirePit is ready for that weekend camping adventure.

Remarkably, it is easy to carry around and set it up anywhere. It’s not bulky, demonstrating it was truly designed with the outdoors in mind.

Fire Without Smoke


When the weather calls for it, I want to try the BioLite FirePit. How great would fire be without the smoke?



Want to try it yourself? Check out the project on Kickstarter. You might just become one of its eager backers.


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