Fly A Paper Airplane With Your Smartphone!


We’ve all learned how to fold pieces of paper and make a paper airplane. If you never did, you missed a fun part of your childhood. Kids and adult enthusiasts alike enjoy making them, imagining they are pilots, and coming up with the best designs. Today, you can finally fly a paper airplane with your smartphone. Yes, you read that right!

The mechanics of playing paper airplanes are simple: Fold here and there, embellish your work, get ready for takeoff, and throw it into the wind, hoping it flies through the air.

Fly A Paper Airplane With Your Smartphone!

Who would have thought that you could revamp your plain old paper airplane and take it to the next level?

Fly A Paper Airplane With Your Smartphone!

Shai Goitein, the CEO and Founder of Powerup Dart, worked with his talented and creative team to come up with a mobile application-controlled paper airplane. Using your smartphone, you can launch the PowerUp Dart app and control your paper plane, performing various tricks and maneuvers.

Fly A Paper Airplane With Your Smartphone!


When I first saw this project on Kickstarter, I became interested right away. I was like, “Really? A paper airplane?” I just can’t help admiring the creativity of this awesome spin they have put on a very simple toy I used to love as a kid.

A standard PowerUp Dart kit consists of five special templates designed for take-off, landing, and acrobatic maneuvers. It includes a PowerUp Dart module, two paper templates for high-speed acrobatics, a crossbar for high-performance maneuvers, an extra propeller, wheels, and a rear skid for take-off and landing. But don’t forget the helpful user manual!

Fly A Paper Airplane With Your Smartphone!

It’s super easy to use. The manual shows you how to fold your plane and fly it from takeoff to a safe landing. Simply fold your plane, attach the Bluetooth-enabled components, pair the module with your smartphone, and control the plane. You tilt your smartphone to control it.

I’d love to have my very own set. It’d be a great activity for bonding with family and friends, especially on weekends when the weather is ideal for outdoor activities.

Excited to back this project and get your own? Click here.





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