Handheld Translator to Communicate in Foreign Languages


Today, English is the universal language. A majority of the world’s population speak and understand basic English. The ability to communicate using this language provides an edge for anyone in terms of business expansion, career, development, international travel, relationships, and education abroad.

It could’ve been great if everyone speaks and comprehends English impeccably. Then, communication won’t be a problem at all. Nonetheless, reality kicks in, and the unity in the language we speak is still a goal most people wish to realize in the future. Right now, there are many countries where people have little knowledge about English. Rather, they speak in their native tongue.

So, when you travel to these countries, it’s a big challenge to communicate with the locals, unless you know their language. Asking for directions, ordering meals at a restaurant, shopping, and other typical activities will be really difficult if people can hardly understand each other. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handheld translator?

In times like this, you definitely need a reliable interpreter. One who can translate sentences based on the context in real-time. When you have a human interpreter, who is an excellent communicator in both the source language and the target language, this is quite easy.

Nevertheless, there are times when you need to travel alone. Right now, you probably know well that when you use Google Translate, what you get is a word-for-word translation that doesn’t make sense most of the time. You even get funny results that locals would laugh at. Now, the need for a translator with 90 to 99.9 percent accuracy is becoming more in-demand. Luckily, a handheld translator is about to hit the market.

Portable, Handheld Translator Now Ready to Change the Way You Travel

Before you traveled abroad, you probably tried learning some words and phrases in the language that people use in that country. However, it would take you many years to actually learn how to communicate using a new language. This even involves constantly listening to how locals use their language in their daily life. Imagine how much time and effort this would require!

Handheld Translator

We don’t have the luxury of time to familiarize ourselves with the languages of the countries we wish to visit. This fact motivated the developers of Mesay to come up with a fast, portable, handheld translator that uses artificial intelligence to translate words and sentences between 17 languages. On top of that, Mesay has been proven to be able to translate between these languages with 90 percent accuracy, in the palm of your hand!

The translation device, that only weighs 0.1 pounds, takes only about two seconds to translate words, phrases, and sentences between a source language and a target language. That’s how fast Mesay is! You don’t have to wait minutes to get the accurate translation. You’ll get it in no time – a handheld translator!

Mesay garnered many positive reviews from the individuals who tried it. It’s really pretty awesome because it’s so convenient to use in terms of speed, accuracy, and the device’s weight. It supports offline translation between Chinese and English. The rest of the available languages are supported online. So to translate between other languages, you need a stable internet connection. No worries because the device has Wi-Fi and 3G capabilites.


It’s easy to use Mesay with its one-button mechanism. The upper part works to translate words and sentences from a source language to target language and the lower part, vice versa.

With this device, you can also easily record a meeting, and instantly convert the recording file into text. But for now, this feature is only available in Chinese. Particularly, this works best for business and client meetings. You can also use it for long hours. Standby mode lasts for 72 hours while active use mode lasts for six hours.

So, whether you’re traveling for leisure, business, education, or volunteer work, I highly recommend Mesay for you. It supports languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Catalan, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian.

As you can see, locals who speak these languages usually don’t use English as much as some other nationalities do. When you need to travel to these places, always bring Mesay with you and you’ll surely overcome the language barrier. You may pledge at least 149 USD to own one Mesay device. Estimated delivery is in November 2017.

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