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iPhone 7 Charging

The iPhone 7’s release last month confirmed what was long speculated. The newest iPhone model to hit the market would no longer contain a standard 3.5mm audio jack. Instead, consumers would have to connect accompanying headphones via the lightning adapter or rely on Bluetooth headphones altogether. But what if you did not have Bluetooth headphones? Imagine trying to listen to music through wired headphones and suddenly needing to charge your phone. Until now, there was no solution. You would not have been able to keep your iPhone 7 charging while continuing listen to music through your headphones. Without the Auxillite, they depend on the same, single port.


The Auxillite will ease iPhone 7 Chargingthe transition associated with losing the 3.5mm audio jack. It allows you to keep your iPhone 7 charging while listening to music via wired headphones. I really see this product as a must have companion to the iPhone 7. It is a small device that connects to the lightning port on your smartphone. Shaped like a small rod, which sits parallel to the base of your phone, it features two ends. One end allows you to connect a device via a lightning connection, such as your charging cable. The opposite end features a traditional 3.5mm audio jack so you can connect wired headphones simultaneously. This allows you to keep your iPhone 7 charging while listening to music.

The Auxillite caught my attention because of its design. The design is both sleek and modern. It is small with a focus on intricate details. A light aluminum finish ensures it will match color wise with the iPhone model you carry around in your pocket. Currently, the aluminum finishes are only available in black and silver. Rose and gold finishes may be introduced pending further support of the Auxillite campaign on Kickstarter.

A big concern I had surrounded case compatibility. The campaign claims the Auxillite dimensions complement a majority of smartphones cases on the market. However, I have yet to test this for myself in the field. I use a Spigen case currently and was concerned that I would have to remove it if I wanted to use the Auxillite. I would need to try it out for myself, with a few other cases I own, to fully gauge case compatibility.

iPhone 7 ChargingFurther, the Auxillite is water resistant. Just like the iPhone 7 itself the Auxillite will be able to sustain small amounts of water exposure. Whether that water comes from the sky or your toilet bowl, the adapter will continue to function properly after water exposure up to one meter in depth, for no more than thirty minutes.

A second version of the Auxillite, with additional features, is also available through the same Kickstarter campaign. Branded the Auxillite S, the Auxillite S is slightly larger than the standard model. However, it features an adjustable stand to keep your smartphone stationary on flat surfaces. You can use the stand in either landscape or portrait mode. A cable organizer is also incorporated into the design. The cable organizer will be useful for managing two connecting cables, which I envision could quickly get entangled otherwise. You can now keep your iPhone 7 charging, while listening to music, with even greater functionality.

The Auxillite will ship at the end of the year in December 2016. It was previously available for an early bird price of $9, but is now available at a normal rate of $13. I consider this a good price after taking into account its functionality and simplicity. Additionally, the Auxillite S model is available for $17. You can secure your own Auxillite adapter here.

What do you think of the Auxillite? Do you think you would appreciate having this type of adapter available? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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