Kickstarter “universe in a sphere” is the perfect centerpiece


KickstarterA few days ago I saw the picture on the left. It caught my attention right away as I was browsing through Kickstarter the day after Christmas.

In this very sphere there are 380,000 laser dots. A visual representation of our universe, each dot represents not only a star but an entire galaxy with billions of stars within it.

A journey through our entire galaxy, the Milkey Way, would last 120,000 years if we traveled at the speed of light. Another one of those dots, representing the Andromeda galaxy, would take 2.5 million years to travel through. It is impossible to fully comprehend how something so small represents something so vast.

There are 380,000 dots inside the 8cm (3.14″) sphere. However, it weighs a mere 1.76 pounds. A precision laser marks “galaxies” on the glass sphere as simple dots.

KickstarterThe inner structure reflects light. It looks really cool when put under a colored LED light. I can imagine this being the perfect gift for anyone fascinated with the universe or simply abstract art pieces. It is an art piece that will capture the attention of those around you and surely start some neat conversations. I envision it fitting in nicely on my desk or bookshelf.

The idea of the sphere was brought to life onĀ Kickstarter by Clemens Steffin, a student in Berlin, Germany. Clemens recently finished his studies in engineering and has been looking to bring cool ideas like this one to life. For a limited time the sphere is available on Kickstarter for 39 euros, or about 41 USD, and ships to anywhere in the world in a gift box. Additionally, bases made with different materials are also available.

As of today, over 3,500 people from around the world have pledged over $300,000 to send this visual representation of our vast universe to production. You can back the project on Kickstarter here.



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