Floating switch lamp on Kickstarter


HENG lamp with floating switchWhen I first saw the HENG Balance Lamp on Kickstarter I will admit it left me a little perplexed. The HENG puts a fun and creative spin on the traditional lamp with its innovative floating switch.


By moving two tethered balls together, magnets in each attract one another and activate a switch in the base to turn the lamp on. The balls are left floating in midair and appear to defy gravity to anyone who gives it a quick glance.

Its minimalist design is eye-catching and adds a hint of interactivity to any room its in. I really admire the design and think it would be a fun addition to any bedside table or my own office desk.

HENG lamp with floating switchCrafted from high-quality wood, the HENG lamp’s curved design creates the illusion of light passing through the structure. The two balls that create a floating switch are crafted from the same material. A circular, oval, and squared model of the lamp are currently available on Kickstarter.

Additionally, lights are embedded around the frame and contribute to the overall minimalist feel. I imagine they would sufficiently light up most areas and work spaces.

HENG lamp with floating switchAllocacoc, an industrial design company based out of Delft, Netherlands, is currently crowdfunding for the HENG on Kickstarter. The project gained attention rather quickly and was completely funded in less than two days. You can get your own lamp for 42 euros or 44 USD. So far over 1,130 backers have pledged nearly $75,000.

Finally, if you are interested in getting your own HENG lamp, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign here. I think it would make a fun yet practical addition to any space.



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