How To Make Headphones Wireless

Headphones wireless

The Jack, by Podo Labs, can make any pair of headphones wireless. Based in San Francisco, California, Podo Labs specializes in working with Bluetooth products. When I first stumbled across the Jack on Kickstarter I immediately thought of how this innovative product can more bring more ease and comfort to any listening experience.

Make Headphones Wireless – The Jack

The Jack allows you to use wired-headphones without being tethered to a device. Simply plug your headphones into the Jack and connect it via Bluetooth to your audio emitting device. Suddenly, you are no longer tied down by your headphone cord. The Jack works with any Bluetooth-enabled devices. However, I can best imagine it being used with smartphones and TV’s. With the new iPhone 7 lacking a headphone jack altogether, the Jack allows you to ditch bulky adapters while still using your favorite pair of wired-headphones.

Headphones wireless

The Jack is slim and stylish. It weighs just under 20 grams and comes with a durable metal clip. With the clip, you can fix the Jack onto a collar or pocket for mobility. The 300 mAH battery lasts for around 12 hours at any time allowing you to achieve all-day use. Further, the Jack is available in three colors that ensure a match that fits your style. It will be available in black, white, or navy.

Headphones wireless

The Jack has three distinct modes that allow it to bring Bluetooth technology to your wired devices. First, the Jack’s receiving mode allows you to send audio through any auxiliary input such as car speakers or any other standalone devices. Second, sharing mode splits the audio and allows you and a friend to listening simultaneously to the same audio. This is great if multiple people want to listen to single device, however it requires the use of two Jacks. Further, transmitting mode sends audio to any other Bluetooth headphones or Jacks.

Headphones wireless

Podo Labs is crowdfunding the Jack on Kickstarter. For a limited time, a single Jack can be yours for $25 before it starts retailing for around $35. Discounted bundle packs are available that include everything from multiple Jacks to carrying cases for safe and secure transport. If interested, you can help fund the Jack here. I hope to review one when they ship in June 2017.

What are your thoughts on the Jack? Do you see it as a useful addition to your audio experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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