Perfect Workout: Circ-It, A Compact Gym Tool


The Circ-It

As some of you know, I recently started working out regularly again after growing inactive over the last few months. I frequently go on runs and visit my local gym, but I have been looking for a piece of exercise equipment to use at home. I specifically was looking for something that I could use in my room and take with me easily on the go. Professional home gym equipment can cost thousands of dollars and most have limited functionality, restricting the types of activities you can do at home. I had been looking for a home-based fitness tool that would not require me to give up that perfect workout I receive at the gym.

The other day, I stumbled across the Circ-It on Kickstarter. The Circ-It is marketed as a compact fitness tool for total body workouts, intended for being practical in any environment. It sounded like it fit the criteria I had set for myself when doing some shopping the day before. I saw the opportunity to have that perfect workout anywhere.

What is it?

Developed by a United States Army MP Sergeant and sports medicine professional, the Circ-It is designed with capabilities for a total body workout. It has four core fitness modalities, which include a core-roller duo, strength bands, fitness sliders, and speed rope for the perfect workout. Each comes separately or through purchase of a bundle.

Perfect Workout with Circ-It

I was excited about the available components, particularly the core-roller duo and fitness sliders to target abdominal workouts without having to rely on those standard, traditional exercises. However, these modules alone are available in other products on the market. Core-rollers and fitness sliders are certainly not new. I have used a few different products myself in the past, so what would make this any different?

The Circ-It is not just hardware to set next to those weights in your room or over by your running shoes. It comes with a companion application for smartphones and the Apple Watch. The Fit Everywhere application gives you access to various workouts and exercises, which I envision being really useful. While a core-roller and the other modalities seem self-explanatory when you go to use them for the first time, using them regularly can grow monotonous. The workouts loaded on the app will help make sure you have a way of adding that extra touch to a workout to ensure you have a perfect one every time.

Perfect Workout with Circ-It

The folks at Circ-It plan to create a community of certified trainers and fitness enthusiasts within the app. This will ensure you are not without that extra motivation or inspiration when you need it most. No one likes to be left in the dark on those days when it’s a drag to get your workout in. The app already features workout-based feedback, achievements, and social sharing, among other things.

All the modular components fit into the core-roller, with a combined weight of four pounds. This makes it lightweight and easy to transport when you travel, something I was definitely looking for. This design allows the folks at Circ-It to create endless accessory options for future modular components. I find this to be one of the most exciting features of Circ-It. This is a product that you will constantly be able to customize and tailor to your own specifications. It will always be able to satisfy your personal needs and goals, no matter how much they change.

You can currently back the Circ-It on Kickstarter here. I encourage you to take a look at the various pledge amounts. A variety of Circ-It bundles are available. Different components are included in each bundle. You can get the Circ-It Core Unit, the full bundle, right now at a special early bird price of $99. I envision this early bird offer will sell out fast with consumers looking ahead to the holiday season.

This bundle might be a bit more expensive than other fitness tools on the market. However, I think it is worth the price when you consider all the different functions you get from one product. The companion application is also certainly a plus.

What do you think of the Circ-It? Do you think this would make a good addition to your home gym? How does it compare to any other fitness tools you might own? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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