Smart Bike Lock – An Automatic, Secure Bike Lock


There are countless reasons to be a bicycle enthusiast. To start, it’s healthy exercise¬†and has a positive impact on the environment. But while there are countless advantages, you might be having doubts when it comes to safety and convenience. Bikes are already expensive, and you can’t afford to leave them unchecked in a parking space for 30 minutes. A lot could happen! You wouldn’t want to give thieves a chance to strike, so consider a smart bike lock.

Using a U-lock or chain to secure your bike can be inconvenient. Traveling between places, you may need to constantly lock and unlock your bike. These bike locks also tend to be quite heavy. Is there any way to make locking your bike easier?

A Smart Bike Lock – Secure Your Bike

Bisecu is the answer to most bikers’ demands on security and convenience. It is the world’s lightest fully automatic smart bike lock, weighing only 350 grams, or 1/4 the weight of the widely used U-lock, or even a cup of coffee.

Smart Bike Lock

So, what will bikers love about this product?

First, once you install it on the front wheel of your bike, you don’t have to detach it, lock it, and unlock it repeatedly the way you do with conventional bike locks. Bluetooth-enabled, you connect the lock to your smartphone through the Bisecu mobile app. Through the app, you can instantly view the security status of your bike, as well as other real-time riding data.

Smart Bike Lock

Bisecu has an invisible locking mechanism that automatically locks your bike when you leave it, and automatically unlocks it when you come back. This smart bike lock is super durable, water-resistant, and sturdy enough to withstand hammering and sawing.

The built-in alarm system itself is enough to warn you if it’s being tampered with. Suspicious motions on the bike will activate Bisecu’s sensors, triggering an alarm that is 100-decibels loud. It’s similar to a car alarm. Awesome, right? Push notifications will show up on your smartphone to alert you that the alarm was activated in case you’re not nearby.

Smart Bike Lock

What’s cool about Bisecu is that it’s more than just a bike lock. It will also calculate, monitor, and display real-time riding statistics, to include speed, distance, and even the calories you burn during a ride. In this sense, it is great for setting and reaching fitness goals.

Because Bisecu is an all-in-one smart bike lock, it has quickly convinced people worldwide that it’s worth funding. At the moment, it’s heading toward success in its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It’s 96% funded, and expected to be on the market soon.

Can’t wait to have your own Bisecu? Back the project here.





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