A Smart Gardening Device – Automatic Watering, Camera


Eating fresh, organic produce is not only healthy, but tasty too. But if you know anything about gardening and growing your own produce, you know maintaining a garden takes more than sprinkling your plants with water everyday. It takes time and constant care, but not as much with the help of a smart gardening device.

Gardening is a tough job – from preparing the soil, to choosing the appropriate plants, to nourishing them with the proper amount of sunlight, water, and fertilizer, and protecting them from pests. Most of us don’t have the time to do this on a constant basis. So, how can a smart gardening device help?

GardenSpace – A Smart Gardening Device With 360-Degree Camera, Automatic Watering

If you’re facing the challenges mentioned above, there’s a remarkable, high-tech gardening tool you’ll surely love. What is it, and how does it work?

Smart Gardening Device

We can put it this way. GardenSpace works like a co-gardener. It does what you can’t do on a constant basis, like watching over your plants 24/7. While you’re away, you can keep an eye on your garden with the built-in 360-degree swivel camera.

Installation is easy. Just place GardenSpace in the middle of your garden, and connect it to a water source and WiFi connection. The smartphone app serves as your garden’s command center.

Smart Gardening DeviceGardenSpace makes sure that the individual needs of your plants are met. It automatically waters your plants whenever they need it, making this calculation with various metrics in mind. It also provides you with useful data to show the health of your plants and the condition of garden soil. You can check this data in the GardenSpace app.

Smart Gardening Device

Whether you’re already growing a garden or are planning to start one, GardenSpace can help. If you already have a garden, you can simply enter the information about the plants you’re growing on the app. Starting a garden? It will recommend plants for you to grow, and the specific areas in your garden that are best suited for them.

Smart Gardening Device

Another cool feature is it has the ability to scare away animals who aim to take a fair share of the produce you’ve worked hard to grow. GardenSpace senses animal or pest motion around your garden, swivels to point at the attacked, and splashes it with water to discourage the pest from moving closer to your plants.

Smart Gardening Device

Solar powered, you don’t have to power it with wires or batteries. With its 24/7 monitoring system, automatic watering, real-time garden data and statistics, and reliable plant-based advice  – what more could a gardener ask for?

GardenSpace is designed to withstand most weather conditions, with permanent outdoor use in mind. This fun-looking garden tool is indeed super durable.

Cool, right? Check it out here on Kickstarter. Who can say gardening is tough now?



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