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Smart Thermometer

,With winter quickly approaching, the perfect weather for outdoor time with the grill is escaping. You may soon find yourself using your oven more to avoid the frigid cold. No matter how you like to cook your favorite meat products, ensuring they are fully cooked all the way through is typically a top priority. Most of us turn to traditional thermometers, but what if there was a smart thermometer that tracked a meat’s temperature as it cooked? By doing so, you reap the benefits of being able to step away from the grill or oven, enjoying consistent results, and saving costs on discarded overcooked meat.


The other day I came across the Loki on Kickstarter. Loki is marketed as a WiFi enabled smart thermometer, designed to track your main course to the perfect finish. It enables you to stay in the comfort of your home. You can now enjoy company and that ball game without having to constantly tend to whatever you are cooking. Additionally, it also gives you peace of mind that what your meat will be safe to eat.

Loki Products is a family owned and operated company born out of large traditional weekly family gatherings around the dinner table in Seattle, Washington. It was through these family meals that the idea for the Loki smart thermometer came about.

The Loki utilizes two components, the Loki Sphere and accompanying probes. Each probe is slimmer than a pencil and the sphere itself is about the size of a baseball. The sphere has a magnetic bottom to quickly anchor to your metal grill or oven. Further, you attach the probes to the sphere, which accepts up to four at once. This enables you to monitor the progress of four different meats at one time.

loki-appLoki uses a smartphone application to send you alerts when your meat reaches or drops below a certain temperature. It is available for iOS and Andorid. Simply tap an icon for the type of meat you will be cooking, set its target temperature, and sit back. Unsure of a safe target temperature? The app conveniently suggests the right temperature and cook time for safe consumption, along with recipes. Further, the app predicts cooking time based off these inputted values so you can plan around appetizers or visiting company. The probes also read the internal temperature of your oven or smoker so you do not have to open it, letting heat escape. The Loki app provides a lot of functionality that makes the device a smart thermometer.

Loki is fully mobile. The user can connect their smartphone to the Loki with a WiFi or standard internet connection. This enables you to use it out at the park or right outside your home on a WiFi connection. Fortunately, if you happen to not have your phone around multi-colored LED lights indicate the temperate of your meat. Loki is accurate to +/-1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. You can rest assured that your meat will be fully cooked and safe to consume when the lights indicate it is done.

A 9V battery that will last approximately 200 hours powers the Loki Sphere. Additionally, to compliment the temperature sensors on the tip of the probe, an ambient sensor on the other end measures the temperature inside your oven. The cables connected to the probes are protected by a metal braided jacket and sealed by a high-temperature resistant rubber coating.

The Loki will ship to Kickstarter backers in January 2017. At the time of writing, over 300 backers have already pledged more than $45,000 to see the Loki beside their oven or grill. The Loki, with one included probe, is available for $80 at a “super early bird” rate. This is a $60 savings. You can back this project and secure your own Loki here.

What do you think of the Loki? Do you think it would make a good addition to your home kitchen? Do you have any concerns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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