Solar Powered Smartwatch – The World’s First


The first time smartwatches became available on the market, their features astounded us. A smartwatch is more than a device that tells time. It’s high-tech features allow us to do everything from receive text messages, send emails, check the weather, or listen to our favorite music. Most require charging at the end of the day, but with the LunaR, the first solar powered smartwatch on the market, that is a thing of the past.

Solar Powered Smartwatch – Ditch the Annoying Traditional Recharging Cycles

At first glance, the LunaR may look like any ordinary analog wristwatch. But behind its simple, sleek design you find a couple of wonderful features. Let’s talk about them.

First, notice the screen of this smartwatch. It is a transparent solar panel that harvests both natural and artificial light. Its ability to absorb solar power doesn’t compromise the clarity of its display. You can clearly check the time while the smartwatch passively charges on its own when you’re out in the sun.

When fully-charged, the battery can last up to three months with normal use. Just an hour each day is enough to recharge its battery, adding one month to its battery life. If you always go out the device’s battery life becomes infinite. That might be enough to motivate you to start that long-planned morning exercise routine! But if you can’t go out, you can simply place your LunaR under direct sunlight as if you were drying clothes naturally on a clothesline. Just make sure it’s placed in a secure location.

Solar Powered Smartwatch

Even though it’s a solar powered smartwatch, you can still charge it the classic way, connecting it to its physical charger.

Designed with travelers in mind, this smartwatch displays two time zones – analog display for your home timezone and blinking LED lights for the local time in the city you’re visiting. GPS enables this feature when you sync your smartwatch to your iPhone or Android device. When GPS isn’t available, you can manually select the city you’re visiting to display the local time. It can even give you accurate information about the time of sunrise and sunset in the location you’re in.

Solar Powered Smartwatch

LunaR has activity-tracking capabilities which allow you to set ideal fitness goals. Through the app, you can analyze how many steps you took during the day, as well as the calories you’ve burned. The smartwatch vibrates and shows LED visual notifications whenever you beat your goal for the day. And you don’t even have to take it off when you go swimming, since it’s waterproof up to 50 meters!

Solar Powered Smartwatch

The smartwatch displays most of the notifications you receive on your phone. These include SMS alerts and social media notifications. You can customize the LED colors for each notification type via the LunaR app.

Another feature you’ll love is its ability to track your sleep pattern and quality. You can set your sleep and wake alarms and view your sleep data on the LunaR app. The alarm is designed to be discreet for anyone but you. A gentle vibration is the only thing that will tell you it’s time to get up.

Solar Powered Smartwatch

Lastly, you can easily match LunaR with what you’re wearing for the day with its interchangeable bracelets. It’s not just a smartwatch, but a great addition to your wardrobe as well.

The startup team behind LunaR only aimed to raise $50,000 for this project, but the tremendous support of backers has exceeded $200,000!

Solar Powered SmartwatchPersonally, I admire Lunar’s technology and simple, sleek, and discreet design. Who wouldn’t love a solar powered smartwatch?

Perhaps we have the same thoughts on this project. Want to know more about LunaR? Visit its page on Kickstarter here.





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